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Thank you for stopping by! Nice to meet you.

I AM a designer of interiors, and I live for the wow factor, my philosophy is, ​why make a suggestion when you can make a statement.

Your home is a curated space that reflects you; the real you. It appeals to the ​senses in a way that’s beyond words. It should FEEL like you from the inside ​out.

Home is where the heart is but it’s also where the mind and soul come to ​rest.

It’s not enough to surround yourself with a collection of beautiful things. ​Function, flow, texture, symmetry, juxtaposition, hue, intensity, and ​perspective are all element of design that together composes the symphony ​of well designed space

I want to be your designer; I want to discover and uncover your latent ​passions and build the space around you to reflect the essence of who YOU ​ARE!